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Every individual needs to have a CURRENT Drivers License, State Identification Card, Military ID or a Passport. I hope you all notice that I said “Current” on your Identification. There have been many times that I rush to do a notarization for an elderly individual only to find out they have let their Drivers License expire and felt that since they no longer drive, they do not need to renew it. NOT so! If you are a caretaker for an elderly individual, please make sure to keep their Identification updated. Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a Senior ID card as well as just an Identification Card.  Please keep in mind that the REAL ID will be needed.  Again, keep in mind that EVERYONE should keep their Identification CURRENT!

If I can help you out with any of your documents that need to be notarized, please feel free to give me a call. I have been a California Notary Pubic for nine years and am confident that I can help you with your Loan documents, Power of Attorneys, Permission slips, retirement paper work, etc. Any document that needs to be notarized, I will do my best to help you out.



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Mobile Notary Service for the Antelope Valley area of California

LightHouse Mobile Notary Service

When you want your documents notarized right … follow the light!

Welcome to LightHouse Mobile Notary Service. I am glad you stopped by.

At LightHouse Mobile Notary Service we specialize in home loan documents; refinances or new home purchases.  Furthermore, we can help you with any document that needs notarized such as school permission slips, Power of Attorney documents, and Trust documents.

If you need more information on any notary documents that are mentioned,  please click on my blog tab where I explain various documents that may need your signature notarized.

To schedule an appointment please contact me, Felecia Mann, Notary Public at (661) 878-6842. Drop me an email.  I look forward to serving you soon.

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As a California Notary Public, I am here to help you with all of your notary needs.  There is one important document that I need from you.  CURRENT IDENTIFICATION!  Please make sure you State Id Card, Drivers License, Passport and Military Identification is current.  Up to date Identification for any Notary Public to help you out with you documents and for those of you that are care givers, remember that current identification is a must even for the elderly family members.

If I can help you with your notary needs, please give me a call.


Felecia Mann

Notary Public


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